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Plot Hooks: Feywild Portals

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

So, in honour of the recently released The Wild Beyond The Witchlight DnD 5E Adventure Module, I thought I would come up with some adventure hooks that can be a source of inspiration for any DM that is looking to change up or extend elements of the module, find a way to take their players to the Feywild in their homebrew campaign, or create a Feywild one shot!

Inter-planar travel often uses portals or teleportation circles in DnD, but in the case of the Feywild, which is the game's answer to the 'Realm of Faerie', it is especially fun to imagine how such a portal might look as they are a big part of real-world fairy lore!


Many people have probably heard of Fairy Rings or Fairy Circles, evoking the image of a ring of mushrooms in the middle of a grassy glade. Supposedly, stepping in them will transport you to the land of the fey, or trap you at least so that the fairy folk often depicted to be dancing in the centre can then steal you away. Other real-world tales allude to Fairy Doors found in trees or bushes, or Fairy Barrows and Fairy Mounds under the earth. The best known pop culture example of this is probably the rabbit hole that Alice falls down in Alice In Wonderland. Ancient Monoliths and Standing Stones are often associated with great, mysterious power and seen to have the ability to transport a person to the fairy world, and I have even heard of examples of 'portals' existing in Wishing Wells, reflections in Magical Ponds, and Fairy Rocks.

In The Wild Beyond The Witchlight, the carnival itself is a sort of portal in that it exists between realms. The portal from the carnival to the Feyrealm's 'Prismeer' is in a magical mirror. These may feel a little less nature oriented but do evoke imagery from Christina Rossetti's fantastic poem Goblin Market, which is about a travelling market that is run by fair folk and they use the food and wares they sell to attract and steal humans from the mortal realm that they visit. The idea of finding a portal to a magical land in a mundane object such as a mirror is wondrous and can also be found in Alice In Wonderland, as well as The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe in the shape of a wardrobe.


I would always encourage any DM or world-builder to have their portals fit the theme of the kind of fey realm that they are trying to create, the portal itself acting as an extension of it. You might even want to use it as a foreshadowing plot device, or to give a hint to your players of what is to come! Here are some examples of portals that you could use and Feywild domains that they might find on the other side!

Feel free to use this as a d10 Roll Table!

  1. A ring of oddly coloured mushrooms that glows ever so slightly sits perfectly in the middle of an overgrown glade. Perceptive players hear the sound of soft singing coming from inside the ring, though they see nothing. There is no sign of any animals in the vicinity.

  2. Players stumble across a host of brightly coloured carts camped out just off of the road. If they are seen, the folk that own them invite them over - they want to sell unusual trinkets and delicacies, tell stories and play games. They all wear animal masks and one caravan door is covered in many different keyholes, perhaps because the door leads to many different places?

  3. A large pond attracts the attention of the players, namely because despite the heavy rain there is not a single ripple to be seen. When players study the reflection, they see a world that mirrors their own but the colours are brighter, more vivid, and often-times not natural.

  4. An ancient monolith stands in an open, barren field. It is unusually windy while walking towards it, and hanging from it are strips of tattered cloth and bits of string with bones attached. Blood is smeared across it and teeth litter the ground. Touching it may lead to somewhere very dangerous, perhaps the home of a very dangerous hag?

  5. A Harengon/Rabbitfolk bounds past your players, speaking excitedly in Sylvan. Those that speak the language will hear that they are very late for an important celebration. They will run towards a small hole in the ground, tap their paw three times, and then jump in once it becomes large enough for them to do so. Players may choose to follow before the hole shrinks again.

  6. An ethereal, shimmering mist magically attempts to charm your players into approaching it. If they do not become lost within it, they find themselves emerging within a foggy, silent realm that is both beautiful and eerie.

  7. Players enter some woods that are famed for their connection to the Feywild. Once there, they are amazed by how tall the trees are, and intrigued to find that some of them have wooden doors of all shapes and sizes within their trunks. Does anything answer when they knock?

  8. A mysterious lake that is not marked on any map appears before your player's eyes. Entering it takes them to the realm of the River King, who rules and cares for fey that thrive with the waters of the Feywild.

  9. The players stumble upon an old, crumbling well that appears to be disused. Perhaps a fey creature lives inside that will soon make its presence known if players stay near it too long or attempt to throw something down there. Perhaps the creature grants the wishes of those that throw in treasure or trinkets, but it will be at an unforeseen cost for the player. The waters within lead to the Feywild and the creature can take players there.

  10. The players follow some kind of creature native to the Feyrealm to a tree stump with strange runes carved into it. They think that the creature hasn't noticed them until it beckons them to approach and touch it with them. Its silent gestures seem urgent.


Have your players ever explored the Feywild? If so, how did you get them there? Let me know in the comments below if you found this post helpful!

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Feb 26, 2023

How about evidence that a crossing has recently occurred in an otherwise unremarkable location?


Elven Firefly
Elven Firefly
Oct 10, 2021

Ancient monolith (4.) and a mysterious creature (10.) are perfect! My group always wanted to explore Feyrealm but never got to, something always steer their attention. But the next time the opportunity arises, I'll use these two for sure! Thank you :)

Katrina Waldman
Katrina Waldman
Oct 12, 2021
Replying to

That's okay! I quite like the Ancient Monolith too, it's a bit creepy!

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