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£15 p/hour

This includes a deep-dive and compilation of information in a manageable format, as well as a personalised approach to what is right for your project.


£30 p/page

Includes Research and Editing Services, as well as writing services. I am available for social media posts, blog articles, bespoke content, and fiction writing. Prices listed here is per page (approx. 250 words per page) though I can create personalised prices for the following if appropriate:

  • Per Word

  • Per Encounter/Dungeon/Adventure

  • Per Hour



£5.00 p/page

£0.01 p/word

Reading over for basic syntax, spelling, and grammar errors and issues, as well as formatting. 

Copy editing

£10.00 p/page

£0.05 p/word

The above plus a closer analysis of sentence structure, readability, a look for repetition and micro-edits to improve tone and flow.

Developmental Editing

£15.00 p/page

£0.08 p/word

The above plus identifying 'big-picture' concerns. Plot holes, pacing, macro-editing.

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