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It's time to roll initiative!

Updated: Oct 25

I have to say, I'm a little bit emotional writing this because for the LONGEST time I have been procrastinating on this dream. To write, to create. To combine all things I love - TTRPGs, DnD, myths/folklore/legends, etc. - and put out content for everyone to read and (hopefully) enjoy.

So if you're reading this then firstly THANK YOU! Your support means a lot. And also, welcome. I'm Kat, and I am an avid reader, D&D nerd (both player and DM, 5e), a member of the amazing TTRPG community, and aspiring writer, storyteller, and creator. I love to build worlds and draw much of my inspiration from the tales told globally of gods, magic, and monsters. Please consider following this blog and my social media if you are interested in TTRPG news, reviews, homebrew inspiration, loot and random encounter tables, and general D&D goodness!

More soon!

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