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Spotlight: Indie Shops

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

So, to start, I apologise for my tardiness in posting here. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I've had a bit of a difficult week or two, and though it really looks like that is set to continue for quite a while, I really wanted to get back into doing some writing and work on things that make me happy and empower me to pursue the life that I ultimately want. It's going to take a while, but I'll get there. I'm looking to what the future could be and determined to never lose sight of it.

So this week's post is going to spotlight the hard work of some of the wonderful small businesses within the TTRPG community that are creating cool merchandise. There are some great home-made products out there that can be used in your games - dice, character sheets, cards, figurines and miniatures are just SOME of the fantastic things you can buy. AND it's holiday season, and so I think now is the perfect time for people to get inspired with some TTRPG-themed gift ideas!


Gametee (Twitter: @GameTeeUK)

I absolutely love to shop here and do so pretty often. They do a variety of STUNNING goods - dice, art, clothing, homeware, candles, and even books. In fact the books on offer here are probably my favourite thing as they not only provide a great source of inspiration for DnD games, most of them are themed around folklore, the occult, and magic. As it's Black Friday weekend they currently have a sale on AND are giving away free dice for every £10 spent! Based in the UK, the quality of the products sold here is superb. I definitely recommend checking them out!


I am addicted to this shop. It sells BEAUTIFUL dice of so many different colours (and when searching you can actually filter by colour too which makes me very happy, it is probably my favourite feature) as well as a ton of other useful DnD products - notebooks, pencils, keyring, dice boxes, and mugs are just some examples of what you can get here. Currently, they have a small sale going on, and they have stocked up on their 'Critmas' cards and gift ideas, so definitely check those out if you have a lot of DnD loving friends!


Twitter has introduced me to lots of cool indie businesses and creators, and I have to say that Ramona at Alderdoodle is one of my favourites. For those of you that want to gift a DnD lover with something a bit different, check out some of her wares as she sent me a sample package and they are of excellent quality! As a UK based lettering artist and illustrator, she's designed her own version of The Deck Of Many Things, created beautiful character sheets, spell slot trackers and item trackers that are dry-erasable, and I adore her spell scroll prints - I think they are a really unique gift idea!


Not only is Kathrine a friend of mine whom I have the pleasure of playing DnD with on a regular basis, but she is also an EXTREMELY talented artist who has set up her own RedBubble shop! I adore her designs for each DnD class especially, as I think they would look great on so many different products - phone cases, stickers, prints, cushions or even travel mugs! RedBubble does have a Cyber Monday code available too for a limited time, so please check out and support her work!


I am a teeny tiny bit of a candle addict, and so of course when I stumbled across their twitter, this company stood out to me as one I wanted to check out! I adore the names of the candles, they really fit in the TTRPG space so well and the scent descriptions match them beautifully! I also adore the packaging - striking colours and pretty illustrations. They are based in the US but ship internationally! If you adore candles too, or have a friend who does, then they might be worth a look!


I actually stumbled across this business at MCM Comic Con in London back in October and I absolutely fell in love with their DnD bathroom products! They have so many available - soaps, bath bombs (some of which actually have dice sets inside), and shower steamers too! Not only that, but they also sell dice sets and vegan leather dice trays! I've tried out some of their merchandise and the scents are gorgeous. I thoroughly recommend them!


Honestly choosing which Indie creators and businesses to include in this list was a lot of hard work and this is a tiny selection of the amazing talent that is out there! Have you ever checked out any of my picks? Or do you have any recommendations of your own? I'd love to hear them!

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Nov 27, 2021

Thank you for bringing your suggestions! The one that caught my attention is Alderdoodle’s beautiful works. Imma going to check the others too!

Thank you for posting Kat. Take care!

Katrina Waldman
Katrina Waldman
Nov 27, 2021
Replying to

They are so stunning aren’t they?! I love the art and she’s really talented at making letters look beautiful!

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