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Supernatural Gifts: Dawn Incarnates

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

It has been a long time coming, but Wizards Of The Coast have finally released their newest book - 'Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel'. I have had a bit of a read through and am completely in love with it and the much needed cultural diversity that it represents! The book itself comes complete with a brand new location within the Ethereal Plane, as well as thirteen adventures short adventures set within it!

Each adventure represents a 'founding civilisation' and they are all very unique, each with a different vibe and setting. The thing that particularly caught my eye were the Dawn Incarnates - gemstone plants or animals made up of many spirits that represent each of these civilisations, and can be found within the Preserve Of The Ancestors. I loved the idea that they are formed by the cultural identity of each civilisation, and its struggles, traditions, and perspective form the personality of the Incarnate. You can read this article to understand a bit more about them!


Such powerful spirits that hold so much sway would surely then be able to grant some boons or blessings, in the way that a deity might, to an adventurer that has pleased them or performed some acts of service to the city under their protection. Below, I have come up with some roll tables with some ideas as to what these may look like based on the location each spirit is associated with!


CIVILISATION: Akharin Sanghar

DAWN INCARNATE: Turquoise Lion

'The city-state of Akharin Sangar is steeped in proud traditions. While its city is a hub of culture, the surrounding lands are fraught with magic and danger. Akharin Sangar is a theocracy presided over by Celestials. It’s known for its isolation and history of political turmoil...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The searing heat of the Burning Dunes is intense. Your weapon attacks now deal an extra 1d4 Radiant damage.

  2. The red feathers of the Pari fall around you. When healed magically, you may now re-roll any 1s on the healing dice.

  3. The peace of Atash's silent contemplation overwhelms you. You gain proficiency in Religion (INT), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  4. The light of the Sunweaver grows in your heart. Once per day, you can cast daylight. You regain this ability at dawn each day.



DAWN INCARNATE: Yellow Quartz Kapok Tree

'Atagua is a rugged country of tropical grassland plains and gallery forests—a great savanna known locally as the Llanos. This land is known for the chocolate and sugar produced there and for the elevated walkways that traverse its forests and tropical savannahs. Folk there experience vivid dreams, often of an invisible, flat-topped mountain...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The chanting of the Green Doctors is loud, but reassuring. You gain proficiency in Medicine (WIS), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  2. The sweet, rainy air beckons you to dream. You can cast sleep a number of times equal to your CHA modifier, at a minimum of once per day.

  3. The haunting melodies of the Whistlers reach your ears. You gain resistance to Psychic damage.

  4. The smell of the cocoa bean is overwhelming. You are gifted with a bag of 2d12 chocolates. Each chocolate restores 1 hit point, and the bean provides enough nourishment to sustain a creature for one day.



DAWN INCARNATE: Serpentine Banyan Tree

'Dayawlongon is a tropical archipelago whose waters hold massive whirlpools that make boat travel between the islands challenging. The archipelago is known for the gigantic skybridges and sacred trees that tower over the islands. Serpentine Dragons called bakunawa, now rare, once defended the islands, and their bones and magic are infused into the sky-bridges...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The wind is strong and the bones of the sky bridges creak. You gain the gust cantrip.

  2. The cry of the mighty Bakunawa echoes around you. Once per day, you can cast call lightning. You regain this ability after a long rest.

  3. The lilting melody of the Bone Singers fills your mind. Your spell attacks now deal 1d4 Necrotic damage.

  4. The hiss of a serpent is close, and your hands are momentarily covered with scales. You are immune to Poison and the Poisoned condition.



DAWN INCARNATE: Water Opal Saltwater Salamander

'Djaynai is a peaceful land dominated by mangrove forests along the southern coast and jagged cliffs to the north. Its calm coastal waters are known as the Lightsea, but beyond a continental shelf the waters grow suddenly deeper. This is the Nightsea, the shadowy depths that hold the vibrant city of Janya. These lands are known for their ancestral legacies, political schisms, and transformed cultures...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The sound of the waves fills you with a sense of freedom. You gain proficiency with Navigator's Tools and Vehicles (Sea), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  2. The whispers of the first Nightsea Chil-liren are overwhelming. You learn Aquan.

  3. The calm of the Mangrove forest fills you. You can cast calm emotions a number of times equal to your WIS modifier, at a minimum of once per day.

  4. You feel the sorrowful touch of a Haint momentarily. Once per day, you can cast alter self. You regain this ability at the end of a long rest.



DAWN INCARNATE: Jasper Pecan Tree

'Godsbreath is bounded by the treacherous waters of Nightwater Cove and the dangerous expanse of the Rattle. Godsbreath is a land known for its cooperative agricultural communities and the importance its people place on maintaining their oral history...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. Your visions goes dark, and for a moment you rely on touch as the Soul Shaker does. You gain Blindsight out to 60ft.

  2. You hear an eager voice willing to share their story. Once per day, you can cast borrowed knowledge. You regain this ability at the end of a long rest.

  3. The sound of the Awakened Song stirs your soul. You gain proficiency in History (INT), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  4. The uneasy feeling invoked by the Rattle's dangerous, fertile lands fills you. You gain the mold earth cantrip.



DAWN INCARNATE: Fire Opal Xoloitzcuintle

'San Citlán is a land of contrasts. Lavish mansions cradle the wealthy while the poor scrape to survive. Purses are filled in lively markets and emptied in cantinas and wrestling rings. Massive industrial complexes loom over colourful homes in quaint streets and alleys. San Citlán is known for its magical industry but also its economic disparity. Its people maintain a strong bond with their honoured dead...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The sound of hammers hitting metal from the Marfil Ironworks rings around you. You gain proficiency with Smith's Tools, or expertise if you are already proficient.

  2. Conversation and laughter fills the air, and the smell of food cooked on the Night of the Remembered is mouthwatering. Once per day, you can cast speak with dead. You regain this ability at dawn.

  3. The cheers of encouragement for wrestlers participating in La Lucha spurs you on. You gain proficiency in Acrobatics (DEX), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  4. The feeling and taste of having eaten a delicious stew warms your heart and fills your stomach. You receive 2d6 Temporary hit points.



DAWN INCARNATE: Amber Scorpion

'The Sensa Empire is structured around the three city-states of Anisa, Niba, and Tarikh, each a wealthy oasis in an arid and unforgiving landscape. The empire is a collection of cosmopolitan city-states known for its expert goldsmiths and fabulous wealth...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The frenzy of an Arumvorax fills you. Once per day, as a bonus action you may grant yourself advantage on attack rolls until the start of your next turn.

  2. The chatter of merchants bartering and jangle of coins is overwhelming. You may now roll with advantage when making Persuasion (CHA) checks related to money.

  3. The arid desert is hot around you. Once per day, you can cast wall of sand. You regain this ability at dawn.

  4. The heat is relentless, yet you feel empowered by it. You are now immune to the effects of Extreme Heat.


CIVILISATION: Shankhabhumi

DAWN INCARNATE: Moonstone Water Lily

'Hundreds of rivers flow through Shankhabhumi, creating natural paths to its three great cities. This region is known for its isolated city-states separated by tangled swamps, and for the capricious river spirits that rule its waters...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The mirthful sound of a capricious Riverine's laughter inspires you. You gain the control water cantrip.

  2. The hardiness of the riverlanders that dwell here emboldens you. You are now immune to the effects of Disease.

  3. The feel the joy of winning the legendary red-ridged shell trophy at the Shankha trials. You gain proficiency in Athletics (STR), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  4. The solemn legacy of Manivarsha’s destruction hangs heavily in your heart. You gain proficiency with Jeweller's Tools, or expertise if you are already proficient.




'Siabsungkoh features lush, tropical jungles surrounded by mountains. The valley is small but buzzes with energy, as both locals and tourists frequent the markets that serve as a hub of community life. Siabsungkoh is a land known for its cosmopolitan markets and its people’s tight family bonds and ties to nature...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The excitable chittering of the Wynling suddenly seems less nonsensical. You learn Sylvan.

  2. The glow of the lau-pop flower is bright and beautiful. You gain Darkvision out to a range of 60 ft.

  3. The importance of family, blood or found, takes hold of you. Once per day, you can cast warding bond. You regain this ability after a long rest.

  4. The peace of the Slumber Pond draws you into the harmony of nature. You gain proficiency in Nature (INT), or expertise if you are already proficient.




'The Tayyib Empire is a cosmopolitan mix of the native peoples of Suristhanam, immigrants, and various invading groups. The Tayyib Empire spans a region called Suristhanam. Its geography includes a great central flood plain, fertile hills, and tropical swamps...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The wind briefly picks up and you hear the familiar whoosh of travel within the Hall Of Doors. You can cast misty step a number of times equal to your INT modifier, at a minimum of once per day.

  2. You become in tune with the focus required from a member of the Old Sickles as reconstruction progresses. Once per day, as an action you can detect all creatures within a 120 ft. radius. You regain this ability after a long rest.

  3. The natural harbour that shelters Churapoor brings you relief from the monsoons. You gain immunity to the effects of Heavy Precipitation.

  4. The efforts of rebuilding and recovering what has been lost to the empire are rewarded to those willing to explore the dangerous ruins. You gain advantage on all Investigation (INT) checks related to exploring dungeons and looking for traps within them.



DAWN INCARNATE: Obsidian Eagle

'Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes constantly change the landscape of Tletepec, moving landmarks and destroying roads. Yet, several noteworthy sites have endured for generations. Tletepec is known for its cycles of destruction and rebirth. The people of the land live alongside dangerous volcanoes and make communal offerings to the gods to prevent eruptions...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The filtration from the magical piers of Itzimico protect you. You gain resistance to Acid damage.

  2. The inspiration off the Shapers of Obsidian hits you. You gain proficiency with Tinkerer's Tools, or expertise if you are already proficient.

  3. Warnings from the Watchers of the Ashes echo around you. You gain proficiency in Perception (WIS), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  4. The low rumbles of a Tlexolotl's snores vibrate within you. You gain the fire bolt cantrip.




'Umizu is a welcoming city, and many citizens hail from far-flung lands. Each city district features its own architectural aesthetics. The districts cling to volcanic islands connected by sturdy stone bridges, ferries, and steam-powered funiculars...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The nefarious activities of the Safe Oceans Society calls to you. You gain proficiency in Sleight Of Hand (DEX), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  2. The blessings of the Turtle Sage ensues your protection. You can cast protection from good and evil a number of times equal to your WIS modifier, at a minimum of once per day.

  3. The splendour of the Daimyo's tea parties is bedazzling, and the poetry delightful. You gain proficiency with Calligrapher's Supplies, or expertise if you are already proficient.

  4. You feel a connection with the ancient, spiritual power of the Shrine Of Storms. You learn Primordial.



DAWN INCARNATE: Amethyst Tiger

'The city-state of Yeonido is nestled among fertile hills and deep forests. Though many dangerous beasts dwell in those lands, farming villages surround the walled city of Yeonido itself, supporting the city and benefiting from its protection. Yeonido is known for its citizens’ familial loyalty and reverence for tradition, as well as for ancestral spirits called gwishin...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The ancestral power found within the Seat of Dragons fills you with awe. You learn Draconic.

  2. You are filled with courage at the prospect of facing the angry gwishin within the Dokkaebi Temple. You gain immunity to the Frightened condition.

  3. The solemn chanting of the Spirit Arbiters fills you with a sense of peace in the face of death. You gain the toll the dead cantrip.

  4. The smell of fertile soil and lush forests is overwhelming. Once per day, you can cast plant growth. You regain this ability after a long rest.



DAWN INCARNATE: White Jade Flowering Pear Tree

'The city of Yongjing is a bustling network of tightly packed buildings and narrow alleys. A wide central avenue bisects the city and connects the grand palaces of the emperor’s court through a series of plazas. Yongjing is known for its courtly drama and labyrinthine bureaucracy. Its rulers enjoy exceptionally long lifespans...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The heat from the Kiln District can be felt from here. You gain proficiency with Potter's Tools, or expertise if you are already proficient.

  2. The Hall of Divine Wisdom requires workers that understand the importance of the Emperor's time and safety. You gain immunity to the Charmed condition.

  3. The whispers of the Inner Butterfly Court are rooted in intrigue, gossip, and rumour-mongering. You gain proficiency in Deception (CHA), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  4. Blessings of longevity are placed upon you. You gain advantage on Death saving throws.



DAWN INCARNATE: Bastite Caiman

'In addition to its robust agricultural holdings, Zinda is home to magical universities, conservatories, museums, and other centers of the arts. Zinda’s people are known for cultivating the jeli flower, which features prominently in the annual March of Vice celebration...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The music, laughter, and buzz from the Elucidarium fills you with mirth. You gain proficiency in Performance (CHA), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  2. The poisonous effects of the biza's breath are notorious and you become knowledgeable on the subject. You gain proficiency with Poisoner's Kit, or expertise if you are already proficient.

  3. The Silent Verse barely make a sound when closing in on a target. You can cast pass without trace a number of times equal to your INT modifier, at a minimum of once per day.

  4. The smell of Jeli Wine cultivated within the Jeli Gardens is sweet. You gain 1d6 bottles that, when ingested, give advantage on all Charisma based skill checks for one hour.


And there we have it - four small blessings from each Dawn Incarnate for your players, should they succeed in aiding the civilisation in some way and gain an audience with one. I really enjoyed deep-diving into these amazing new locations and their associated adventures. Which is your favourite? Let me know!

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