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This blog's future...

When I first joined the TTRPG community properly, this blog was my connection to it. It was my goal to write, and what I wanted was to make free and accessible content - specifically for D&D 5e mostly - that allowed me to draw upon my fascination with real-world folklore and myths. And I'm proud of what I've achieved in that regard. My Monster Monday posts were a labour of love, and I had fun coming up with loot tables, location ideas, and guides to expanding upon core mechanics of the game.

But my role and focus have somewhat shifted over the couple of years I've been doing this, and I think its been for the better! I've started getting involved in the Indie TTRPG scene far more heavily (and this reflected in the number of spotlight and review posts I began to create) as well as becoming more involved in other projects - writing projects AND streamed actual plays. This has of course left me less time to write articles on here, and I'm at peace with that. I've had people asking me when they might see more from me, and the answer is you absolutely will! Just not as regularly!

The focus of these articles will also probably take somewhat of a shift. I continue to love playing D&D, it got me into this community and my streamed AP Therosian Odyssey is a game I love DEARLY. That said - some of the recent decisions made by Wizards Of The Coast have prompted me to expand my horizons further and I have really fallen in love with the Indie TTRPG scene. So my plan is to make content on here more geared towards system agnostic locations, encounters, and roll tables, and to highlight the incredible work being done by my fellow content creators!

I feel really positive about these changes and cannot wait to show you all some of the amazing things I, and other members of the community, have been working on!

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