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Supernatural Gifts: Giant Deities

So while I am happy to make it known that I think that Wizards Of The Coast have certainly made some questionable decisions as of late, I do still enjoy playing D&D 5e and have not stepped away from the game, nor will I be stepping away from making free resources for it that everyone can access. It will always be, in my eyes, the game that brought me into the TTRPG sphere and has allowed me to focus on so many fantastic other projects. I will be writing up a blog post soon on my future plans for this site, as I'd really like to start expanding beyond D&D content, and maybe focus more on some of the work from my amazing fellow creators!

I've managed to get hold of a copy of their latest release - 'Bigby Presents: Glory Of The Giants', and I really liked the pantheon of Gods in this book, known as the Gods of the Ordning! So I decided to create some 1d4 Roll Tables for supernatural blessings that each of these Giant deities could award an adventurer! This will be similar to the article I wrote some time back for the release of 'Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel' on blessings that may be awarded by the Dawn Incarnates. Each of these deities has such a unique domain and personality, but these blessings could certainly be used for other pantheons if DMs feel that they fit!


Giants are often under-utilised in D&D campaigns, unless a module is being played that specifically focuses on their culture and antics. The book does an excellent job of giving inspiration for how to give them a little more context beyond an accidental encounter while on the road. Aiding a community of Giants, or even the whims and wishes of a deity will certainly be a good way to garner a blessing from this particular pantheon!


DEITY: Annam

KNOWN FOR: Knowledge, Creation, Dreams, Silence, Seclusion, Withdrawal

'Annam, the All-Father, is often described as an all-knowing god whose deep learning, profound meditations, and expansive philosophy offer endless wisdom for his descendants to study. In some myths, he is the creator of worlds, and other gods merely populated the worlds Annam made with peoples of their own creation. Giants on most worlds agree that Annam is no longer active in the affairs of giants in the Material Plane...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The soothing lull of sleep allows Annam to always be rested and ready. You may regain double the number rolled on all hit die when taking a short rest once per day.

  2. Annam's very words spoke entire worlds, and gargantuan beings to populate them, into existence. You learn Giant and Primordial.

  3. The secret of Annam's whereabouts is a mystery that remains unsolved. Once per day, you can cast silence. You regain this ability at the end of a long rest.

  4. Annam's knowledge of all things is legendary. Your Wisdom or Intelligence score increases by 2, up to a maximum of 22.


DEITY: Diancastra

KNOWN FOR: Trickery, Youth, Bravery, Guile, Daring, Illusion

'Diancastra is the youngest child of Annam, born of a mortal giant mother shortly before Annam retreated from the Material Plane. The saga of her effort to claim her full divine inheritance is a popular tale among giants who value guile and trickery over brute strength or magical might. Giants who seek to emulate these qualities pray and sacrifice to her, asking her blessing...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The magical gift of illusion has always come naturally to Diancastra. You can cast disguise self a number of times equal to your WIS modifier, at a minimum of once per day.

  2. The best parts of Diancastra's saga are when she outwits her enemies. You gain proficiency in Sleight Of Hand (DEX), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  3. Trickery is Diancastra's favourite tool of choice, and she wields it well. You gain the thaumaturgy cantrip.

  4. Ingenuity like Diancastra's can only work when she is at her bravest. As an action, you may expend one charge and grant yourself the effects of a Potion of Heroism. You gain a number of charges equal to your CHA modifier, at a minimum of one.


DEITY: Grolantor

KNOWN FOR: Strength, Arrogance, Hunger, Selfishness, Brutality, Recklessness

'Tales of Grolantor’s exploits highlight his strength and his insatiable hunger, and most of them end with him in conflict with one of his siblings. Among the other giants, Grolantor is the butt of every joke, always coming out poorly. Grolantor, the younger twin of Karontor, exemplifies the principle that the strong should take what they want, without regard for the needs of weaker creatures...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. Grolantor's hunger is neverending, and his stomach's fortitude unrivalled. You may now roll with advantage when making Constitution checks or saving throws related to the consumption of food and drink.

  2. The strength that Grolantor displays far surpasses all others. You gain the effects of a Belt of the Hill Giant indefinitely.

  3. Grolantor fears nothing, and all fear him. You gain immunity to the Frightened condition.

  4. Do not let Grolantor hear you laughing too hard, lest you enrage him. Once per day you may grant yourself an extra Attack action in a turn.


DEITY: Hiatea

KNOWN FOR: Hearth, Harvest, Protection, Nature, Hunting, Community

'Hiatea is Annam’s second child, after Stronmaus, and the companionship and friendly rivalry between these two oldest children are the focus of many myths. In these stories, Hiatea is both a protective figure who keeps watch over the hearths and fields of giants, blessing their agriculture and their family lives, and a wild huntress who wields the power of nature as a weapon of destruction as well as a source of bounty...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The beauty of nature is magic in itself, according to Hiatea. You gain the druidcraft cantrip.

  2. Hiatea teaches that in a world riddled with conflict, help may be found in the unlikeliest of places. You can cast speak with animals a number of times equal to your WIS modifier, at a minimum of once per day.

  3. Living off the land and its bounty is Hiatea's specialty. You gain proficiency in Survival (WIS), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  4. If you are under Hiatea's protection, she will do what she can to keep you from harm. You gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws.


DEITY: Iallanis

KNOWN FOR: Compassion, Selflessness, Joy, Mercy, Harmony, Peace

'Born about the same time as Grolantor, Iallanis is everything her boorish brother is not: kind, loving, merciful, joyful, and thoughtful. She loves every part of the worlds her father made, and she constantly strives to bring not only her divine family but also mortal giants together in harmony...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. To improve the temperament of those around you, Iallanis says you must first understand what drives it. You gain proficiency in Insight (WIS), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  2. Iallanis's smile is said to cool even the fiercest rage. You can cast calm emotions a number of times equal to your CHA modifier, at a minimum of once per day.

  3. Giant-kind look to Iallanis when they want to avoid war and conflict. You may now roll with advantage when making Persuasion (CHA) checks related to the peaceful resolution of a situation.

  4. Iallanis teaches that any argument can be forgotten when two parties find common ground. You gain the friends cantrip. When the spell ends, the creature does not automatically become hostile.


DEITY: Karontor

KNOWN FOR: Banishment, Scheming, Wickedness, Secrets, Darkness, Punishment

'Karontor is the elder twin of Grolantor. In a handful of myths, Karontor appears as a wicked schemer whose hatred of his brothers knows no bounds. Few dare to worship Karontor, even in secret. Superstitious giants believe if his name is spoken, Karontor might burrow up from the Underdark to drag the hapless speaker underground to an eternity of torture...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. Giant-kind are terrified to utter Karontor's name, and scare their children with his stories. You gain proficiency in Intimidation (CHA), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  2. The black of night is where Karontor meddles and schemes. Once per day, you can cast darkness. You regain this ability at the end of a long rest.

  3. Imprisoned, Karontor is said to continue to enact his will through his servants and worshippers. You learn Undercommon or Sylvan.

  4. Little can get past Karontor, even in total darkness. You gain Blindsight out to a range of 30 ft.


DEITY: Memnor

KNOWN FOR: Manipulation, Ambiguity, Charisma, Duplicity, Ambition, Self-Interest

'Memnor is an ambiguous figure in the mythology of giants, and the tales concerning him are so disparate that it’s possible two gods exist with the same name. Memnor is typically described as clever and persuasive on the one hand, and as sly and manipulative on the other. His brothers often suspect him of trying to usurp Annam’s place at the head of the Ordning to rule all the affairs of giant-kind...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. Memnor is known for taking on many identities, so many in fact that few know who he really is any more. You gain proficiency with Forgery Kit, or expertise if you are already proficient.

  2. No matter how witty the insult, Memnor's response will always be twice as sharp. You gain the vicious mockery cantrip.

  3. Despite how little his brothers trust him, Memnor is able to talk his way out of almost any situation. Your Charisma score increases by 2, up to a maximum of 22.

  4. Distraction is often Memnor's best friend. You can cast silent image a number of times equal to your CHA modifier, at a minimum of once per day.


DEITY: Skoraeus

KNOWN FOR: Runes, Treasures, Magic, Earth, Discretion, Wisdom

'Despite being the fifth of Annam’s sons, Skoraeus is depicted as the wisest among them, particularly knowledgeable about magic, wards, hidden treasures, and the secrets of the earth. A dour loner, Skoraeus often sits on the sidelines during the schemes and battles of his siblings. He appears in one myth after other as an observer, a confidant to the other gods, and a keeper of secrets...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. There is very little that Skoraeus does not know about the ground, and it bends to his will. You gain the mold earth cantrip.

  2. Skoraeus can spot treasures glinting amongst the rubble from miles away. You gain proficiency in Perception (WIS), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  3. Little phases Skoraeus, and he has built up somewhat of a resistance to effects of the arcane. You gain advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

  4. Magic is Skoraeus's obsession, a studies it for centuries at a time. You can cast detect magic a number of times equal to your INT modifier, at a minimum of once per day.


DEITY: Stronmaus

KNOWN FOR: Weather, Heroism, Energy, Optimism, Naïveté, Change

'Annam’s eldest child is jovial Stronmaus, whose greatest failing in myth is his inability to see the foolishness, jealousy, and outright evil that festers in the souls of his brothers. A few tales, though, describe a dramatic change in Stronmaus after his father’s withdrawal from the Ordning. Since then, Stronmaus has become brooding, aloof, and melancholy, deeply frustrated with his inability to unite the other gods and hurt by his father’s abandonment...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. Ever since Annam has gone, Stronmaus's mood and the skies have become clouded. You can cast fog cloud a number of times equal to your WIS modifier, at a minimum of once per day.

  2. Stronmaus wishes for you to have the insight he seeks to possess when it comes to those he's closest to. You gain the effects of a Medallion Of Thoughts indefinitely.

  3. No more will Stronmaus allow his senses to confound him. You gain immunity to the Blinded and Deafened condition.

  4. Jovial he may be, but never underestimate Stronmaus's wrath. You gain the booming blade cantrip.


DEITY: Surtur

KNOWN FOR: Forge, Fire, Artistry, Wit, Creativity, Battle

'Surtur is the elder twin of Thrym, and rivalry has driven the two gods from the moment of their birth. Their history of competition ranges from striving to outdo each other in childhood accomplishments to bloody battles that ended only when their father or one of their siblings intervened. Aside from his escapades involving Thrym, Surtur is known for his unsurpassed skill at metalwork, especially forging weapons and armour...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. The heat of the forge does not bother Surtur. You gain resistance to Fire damage.

  2. Surtur's ability to create something beautiful from a piece of iron or a few metal scraps is renowned. You gain proficiency with Smith's Tools or Tinkerer's Tools, or expertise if you are already proficient.

  3. Everything that Surtur makes is infused with magic. One nonmagical weapon in your possession becomes a +1 weapon whenever you wield it.

  4. Surtur's creativity and wit have granted him many a success against Thrym. You can cast borrowed knowledge a number of times equal to your WIS modifier, at a minimum of once per day.


DEITY: Thrym

KNOWN FOR: Entitlement, Frustration, Glory, Conflict, Victory, War

'As Surtur’s younger twin, Thrym is described in myths as his brother’s rival and co-conspirator. He is depicted as the stronger and braver of the two, and he often comes out on top in contests and conflicts where those qualities outweigh Surtur’s cleverness. Thrym appears in myth as the greatest warrior of the Ordning. He leads bands of mortal giants in raids and skirmishes, bringing glory to giant-kind and striking terror into the enemies of Annam’s children...'

Roll (1d4):

  1. Thrym's battle fury and determination rarely waiver. On an Attack action, you can roll with Advantage a number of times equal to your STR modifier, at a minimum of once per day.

  2. Learning from mistakes and taking stock of the past are always useful skills in centuries long feuds. You gain proficiency in History (INT), or expertise if you are already proficient.

  3. In war, Thrym strikes quickly and decisively. You may add your Proficiency Bonus when rolling Initiative.

  4. Thrym teaches that the key to victory is to never give up or give in, no matter the odds. You gain immunity to the Stunned condition.


I had a lot of fun coming up with these blessings from the Giant deities described in 'Bigby Presents: Glory Of The Giants', and I recommend giving it a read (especially if you're looking to run a module that is embedded in Giant lore, or a homebrew Giant-themed campaign) as it comes with a lot of really cool ideas to play with. Have you read the new book? Any stand out new lore?

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